Top medical spas for your skin issues

Top medical spa in Huntersville, NC are becoming a popular place for people to go for skin concerns and anti-aging help. But, just like any trip to someplace new, going to a medical spa for the first time can be a little scary. Discover what to expect at a top medical spa so you feel prepared for your visit. 

What to expect

At a top medical spa, you can expect:

  • For there to be a team of people, dedicated to helping you. We will be under the supervision of a medical doctor. But, they will also have a team of qualified individuals all dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, and look and feel your absolute best. Take some time to read provider bios online and learn a little bit about the person you are meeting with before your appointment. 
  • An unrushed experience. We will never make you feel rushed. Not only are they there to help you, but to also provide you with a relaxing experience as well. 
  • A variety of services. A top medical spa will have a variety of services available to meet their patient’s needs. Since medical spas are under the supervision of a physician, clients will have access to more intensive and medical-quality services and products. But, don’t let the sheer number of services overwhelm you, the staff will work with you to determine what services will give you the best results. 
  • A fashionable and clean office. Top medical spas often boast fashionable décor in the office. But, like a medical office, they also know the importance of cleaning and sanitizing, especially in the age of COVID-19. You can expect to be greeted with trendy décor and people when you arrive. 

The tipping question

Most people expect to leave a tip to their person who performs their treatment. A top medical spa will operate a little differently. Patients should not tip Dr. Giordano, as he is a medical physician. Patients should contact the office for clarification on tipping prior to their scheduled appointment. But, at a top medical spa, tipping is not as frequently done as it is at a traditional spa.

Top medical spa in Huntersville, NC

Huntersville, NC residents who are searching for the top medical spa near them should look no further than the Carolina Age Management Institute (CAMI). Dr. Giordano takes a hands-on role, ensuring patients leave with the results they want. Contact us today to schedule an in-person or online consultation.

Carolina Age Management Institute, CAMI is  Huntersville and North Charlotte’s Top Medical Spa,  where medical director Dr. Stephen Giordano focuses on providing excellent care through amazing cosmetic treatments and high-quality customer care. Contact us to schedule your consultation today.