Dealing with acne breakouts can be a bummer!

Are you tired of dealing with acne breakouts? There is a few different types of Acne: Whiteheads, Blackheads, Pustules, Papules, Cysts and Nodules. There is also different grades of Acne: Grade 1- Simple non-inflammatory acne- comedones and a few papules. Grade 2- Comedones, papules, and a few pustules. Grade 3- Larger inflammatory papules, pustules and a few cysts; a more severe form involving the face, neck, and upper portions of the trunk. Grade 4- More severe, with cysts becoming confluent. Acne is a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles plug with oil and dead skin cells. Acne is a very stubborn skin condition that some people deal with for a short period of time or some forever.Dealing with acne breakouts

What are some treatments offered at CAMI to help treat acne breakouts?

  1. Hydrafacials- This is the only hydradermabrasion treatment that cleanses, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection that results in clearer, more beautiful skin with no downtime. Depending on what kind of acne we are treating it is best to do two treatments back to back in a two week interval. At CAMI we provide a package of 3 and a package of 5 Hydrafacials.
  2. Forever Clear BBL- We have a state of the art laser called the BBL that uses a broad band light therapy. There is different protocols to treat different skin issues.There is 2 step laser treatment that helps clear up breakouts and also redness from the breakouts. Step 1- Uses a blue light therapy to eliminate acne causing bacteria deep down in the pores. Step 2- Then treated with a yellow light to reduce inflammation and acne associated redness. This treatment also has now downtime. It is just important to make sure you have no major sun exposure 3 weeks prior to treatment or after treatment. Also recommended no self tanners or spray tans 3 weeks prior.
  3. PCA Sensi Peel- The Sensi Peel is a unique formulated peeling option for all skin types and highly sensitive clients. This peel is great for acne patients but helping with exfoliation and also has ingredients to help with a brighter skin complexion. The main ingredients in this peel are: TCA 6%- is most commonly used as a superficial and medium depth peeling agent to help with fine lines and wrinkles. Azelaic Acid- helps promote a clear complexion and even skin tone. Kojic Acid- helps promote an even skin tone. Lactic Acid- is a AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) naturally found in milk and sugars. It’s part of the skin’s natural moisturizing factor and moisturizes the skin. Arbutin- is an antioxidant that also helps promote and even skin tone also. This peels can be customizable where you can have no downtime or a few days of downtime meaning a few days of peeling “shedding of dead skin cells”. It is recommended to do in a series or 3-5 treatments for best results.

At Carolina Age Management Institute (CAMI) we offer a wide variety of treatments to help each individuals needs. We customize treatment plans for each patient focusing on your skin conditions. We offer free one hour consultations to go over concerns, treatment plans, and products to help you be the best you! Give us a call today 704-997-6530 to get your consultation scheduled!