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Full lips are a highly desirable trait, but they can be increasingly difficult to attain as we get older. Our lips naturally lose their volume and youthfulness over the years, leading men and women alike to seek out cosmetic treatments. At Carolina Age Management Institute, we offer a range of treatment options to help patients restore volume to the lips and achieve beautiful, natural-looking volume.

Injectables for the Lips

Injectables are our recommended treatment for adding natural-looking volume to the lips. They are a great option for full, natural lips. These products contain naturally occurring molecules that are responsible for plumping the skin and retaining hydration. When injected into the lips, these specially designed formulas add long-lasting volume to the lips that both look and feel natural. Lip injections are an ideal treatment for many patients because it is quickly performed and doesn’t require any downtime. After a couple of comfortable injections, patients are free to resume work and other normal activities, often with results already visible.full natural lips

Lip Injections Results

Lip injections provide near-instant results. Immediately upon injection, patients will notice an increase in volume in the lips. Some patients may experience mild swelling or redness around the treatment area for a few days following their treatment, but this typically fades on its own and should not impact your results.

Lip injections are proven to last up to a year or longer. During this time, patients can enjoy naturally voluptuous lips that complement the rest of their facial features. After this time, patients can easily receive additional treatments to maintain their results.

Schedule a Lip Injections Consultation

If you would like to try lip injections to restore volume to the lips, and get full, natural lips,  contact us today at Carolina Age Management Institute to schedule a consultation. Dr. Stephen Giordano specializes in dermal fillers and injectables as well as other cosmetic treatments to help men and women of all ages achieve their cosmetic goals. We are located in Huntersville, NC, and welcome patients from Charlotte, Charlotte Metro, Lake Norman and throughout nearby areas of North Carolina.