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NeoGraft® Charlotte NC is a hair restoration procedure that fills in the bald spots or areas of sparse hair. It is done by transferring a patient’s hair follicles from one area to another. With NeoGraft® hair transplant, the minimally invasive procedure uses no incisions and results in a natural head of hair.  There is no linear scar in the back of the head like many other hair transplant methods making this the obvious choice for people seeking hair transplantation today.

It is a great option for when your hairline starts receding.  Other hair transplant techniques involve taking entire strips of hair follicles. These techniques often result in scarring and may look unnatural. Follicular unit extraction, or FUE, has a very high success rate and results in no scarring and little to no downtime or recovery. As a result, patients can enjoy incredibly natural-looking results with NeoGraft® hair transplant.

For those who have significantly thinning hair or pattern baldness, there may be a feeling of low self-confidence. At Carolina Age Management Institute, Dr. Stephen Giordano is the best NeoGraft® Hair Transplant Doctors to restore hair to bare areas of the scalp for people looking for NeoGraft® Charlotte NC. 

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Benefits NeoGraft® Hair Transplant

NeoGraft® hair transplant technology is minimally invasive and designed to help improve airlines without the strip scar, discomfort, and lengthy recovery as from a conventional hair transplant.

Many say that the NeoGraft® FUE hair transplant seems far better than the conventional hair transplant. But how true is this? Today, we’ll talk in detail about NeoGraft FUE hair transplant and its values as a technique of restoring hairline and reversing male pattern baldness.

NeoGraft® FUE Hair Transplant gives people a way to restore hair to balding areas without surgery and offers the following benefits:

  • Minimal damage to hair follicles
  • More successfully transplanted hair follicles
  • Faster recovery
  • More hair volume after the procedure
  • No scarring
  • Results in less nerve damage to scalp

What is the NeoGraft® FUE Hair Transplant Treatment Like?

During the NeoGraft® FUE hair transplant treatment, a special device is used to remove hair follicles from an area of the head with dense hair volume. An anesthetic is used during this process to minimize discomfort. Once several hundred follicles are collected, they are implanted into the area where hair recession is occurring. The hair follicles are placed deep enough into the skin that they are secure and will produce natural, healthy hair growth. After the treatment, patients may need to take a day to rest and recover from treatment. Results will be visible within just a few weeks of treatment and should continue to improve over the following months as natural hair growth occurs.

Does NeoGraft® hair transplant work?

Yes, it does! When performed by a pro and experienced surgeon, a NeoGraft FUE hair transplant or other FUE techniques can help you add hair back to your hairline, mid-scalp, or on the crown of your head.

However, NeoGraft hair transplants aren’t miracle procedures. If you’re genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness, your surgeon will definitely recommend that you should just be taking hair loss drugs like finasteride and minoxidil after your procedure.

It’s also important that you simply maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle for hair growth after you get a hair transplant. Sleeping well, avoiding stress, and consuming the proper minerals and vitamins can facilitate your transition to grow thicker, healthier hair.

With NeoGraft Hair Transplant, hair follicles are taken from an area of dense hair using the NeoGraft® device. After several hundred follicles are taken, they are removed from the device. This part of the procedure is repeated until Dr. Giordano has enough follicles for the transplantation. At that point, they are placed in a petri dish with holding solution, sometimes using Platelet Rich Plasma components. The NeoGraft® hair transplant device then suctions the follicles from the device so that Dr. Giordano can place the follicles into the exact spot with a needle tip on the device using air pressure.


When preparing for a NeoGraft FUE Hair Transplant, we recommend that patients stop taking medications and supplements that cause the blood to thin for at least a week prior to the procedure. We also recommend patients wash their hair and scalp using Hibiclens® the day before the procedure but avoid washing their hair the day of the procedure. During the consultation, we provide patients with detailed instructions. We do require that patients have someone take them to and from the procedure as well as stay with them for the first 24 hours.


Patients typically rest for a day or two following the NeoGraft Hair Transplant as local anesthesia is used. Additionally, they are required to avoid strenuous activities for up to two weeks. Additionally, patients may not wash their hair for at least 24 hours following the procedure but may lightly wet it by using a cup of water instead of standing under a showerhead. All head dressings must be left on for at least 24 hours following the procedure.

What are the costs of NeoGraft hair transplant in Charlotte and Huntersville NC?

Costs are different with each patient based on the extent of the transplant necessary to achieve the desired look. Dr. Giordano reviews the cost during the initial consultation along with payment options including major credit cards, checks, and cash. We also offer financing CareCredit®.

Is a Hair Transplant Right for Me?

A Hair Transplant may be for you if you have only moderate hair loss and a dense area of donor hair.

NeoGraft® FUE Hair Transplant Consultation

During consultations for a Hair Transplant, Dr. Stephen Giordano talks with you about your hair loss and what you want out of this procedure. He also goes over your overall health, and medical history then evaluates your scalp and areas of donor hair to ensure that NeoGraft® Hair Transplant is the best option to achieve your desired look. At that point, he goes over the procedure in detail and answers any question you have.  The best part – Dr. G has had this procedure done himself !!

Top NeoGraft® hair transplant Doctor in Charlotte, NC and Huntersville, NC

Every Huntersville resident that wants a less invasive hair transplant should visit CAMI to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Stephen Giordano today. Carolina Age Management Institute, CAMI is  Huntersville and North Charlotte’s Top Medical Spa,  where medical director Dr. Stephen Giordano focuses on providing excellent care through amazing cosmetic treatments and high-quality customer care. Contact us to schedule your consultation today. If you live in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC, and the surrounding communities and want to restore your hair, Dr. Stephen Giordano performs NeoGraft® FUE Hair Transplant at Carolina Age Management Institute to restore hair to bald or sparsely covered areas of the scalp. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.