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Hair Restoration Surgery in Charlotte

Hair Restoration Surgery in Charlotte, NC

Hair restoration surgery in Charlotte and hair restoration procedures are available in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC,  at CAMI.  Dr. Stephen Giordano, medical director at Carolina Age Management Institute, performs procedures on people who suffer from hair loss.

What is Hair Restoration?

It is a treatment that counteracts the signs of hair loss in men and women. There are many procedures performed by physicians to help people restore hair to areas that have lost some or all of it.  Some treatment are completely noninvasive, and others are minimally invasive such as FUE Hair Transplantation.  At Carolina Age Management Institute, we do both.

How Does Hair Restoration in Charlotte Work?

It involves several options that treat different degrees of hair loss. The treatments vary in terms of the methods used including non-surgical, surgical, and medication-driven techniques. In working with Dr. Stephen Giordano, the treatment selected is based on a collaboration between the patient and Dr. Giordano’s experience.

At Carolina Age Management Institute, Dr. Giordano performs the following procedures:

  • Hair Transplant
    • NeoGraft® FUE Hair Transplant
    • PRP Therapy
  • LED Red Light Therapy
  • Topicals and Prescription Drugs
Hair Restoration in Huntersville NC


The preparation depends on the method used. During the initial appointment, Dr. Giordano goes over detailed instructions to prepare for treatments.


The recovery time varies with each patient as it depends on the restoration method. Some have no recovery or downtime while others require rest and time to heal; however, most patients may return to their normal activities following the treatments.

What is the Cost?

The cost is different with each patient. It depends on the type of restoration method, the extent of the hair loss, and whether other treatments are performed at the same time. We accept credit cards and checks as well as offer financing through CareCredit®.

Is It Right for Me?

If you are concerned and self-conscious about your hair loss, hair restoration may be right for you. Dr. Giordano can help you determine if you are a candidate for any of the hair restoration treatments.


Prior to receiving hair restoration treatments, we need to schedule a consultation with you to evaluate your hair and scalp as well as your overall health and medical history. Dr. Giordano also takes time to talk with you about your objective and the best options to help you attain them. If you have any questions, this is an excellent time to ask them.

At Carolina Age Management Institute, Dr. Stephen Giordano uses hair restoration to slow or stop of continual shedding and even regrow hair. Please contact us to set up your consultation today.

Here is more information on our Hair Restoration Services: