Microneedling Charlotte NC

Microneedling Charlotte, NC

Medical director Dr. Giordano and his staff at Carolina Age Management Institute treat patients from Charlotte, Huntersville and surrounding areas of North Carolina who want to restore a younger-looking appearance. Microneedling Charlotte NC with DermaPen® and SkinStylus® minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and scars to reveal a smoother complexion.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling Charlotte NC is a facial treatment that uses a hand-held device with super tiny needles. The needles make microscopic punctures in the skin that cause the body to increase collagen production for healing the “micro-injuries.” This also fills out wrinkles, scars, fine lines and other skin imperfections. At Carolina Age Management Institute, Dr. Giordano uses DermaPen® and SkinStylus® during microneedling Charlotte NC skin treatments.

microneedling charlotte nc


Microneedling has been used for several years as a skin treatment to smooth the complexion. With DermaPen® and SkinStylus®, these minimally-invasive treatments are more advanced and offer the following benefits:

  • More targeted to specific areas
  • Less downtime
  • Less chance to injure surrounding skin tissue
  • Faster healing
  • Uses disposable needles to eliminate cross-contamination
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Adjustable needle depth
  • Faster treatment time

At Home Microneedling Facial – Nanoneedling

.How Does Microneedling in Charlotte NC Work?

Traditionally, it involves a device that makes microscopic holes in the skin. This causes the body to rush collagen to the area to begin healing, which in turn increases volume and smooths out skin imperfections. The DermaPen® and SkinStylus® do the same; however, they are more targeted to the treatment areas.

  • DermaPen® penetrates deeper into the layers of skin as the device is moved across the targeted areas. The holes are very microscopic and trigger the body’s response of sending collagen and elastin to the area for healing. With DermaPen®, there is much less chance of trauma and minimal damage.
  • SkinStylus® is a safe and effective treatment for all skin types. It includes a seven-step safety feature to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and requires little to no downtime.

Both treatments are very targeted to specific areas with the design of their devices as opposed to traditional microneedling that uses a cylindrical device that rolls over broader areas of skin. The result is more diminished or even eliminated skin imperfections.

With these methods, the treatment typically takes 30-60 minutes to complete. To prevent any discomfort, a topical numbing cream is applied about 15 minutes prior to the treatment.?


Who Is The Best Candidate for a Microneedling Facial

Microneedling in Charlotte NC is an excellent treatment to improve the appearance of acne scars, skin texture issues, fine lines, and roughness


Top medical spas surgeons said microneedling relative contraindications include:

  • Keloid or raised scarring;
  • History of eczema, psoriasis, and other chronic conditions;
  • History of actinic (solar) keratosis;
  • History of herpes simplex infections;
  • History of diabetes;
  • Presence of raised moles, warts, or any raised lesions on targeted areas.

And absolute contraindications include:

  • Scleroderma;
  • Collagen vascular diseases or cardiac abnormalities;
  • Rosacea and blood-clotting problems;
  • Active bacterial or fungal infection;
  • Immunosuppression; and/or,
  • Scars less than six months old.


Prepartion involves avoiding skincare treatments in addition to direct sun. Additionally, it is recommended that patients stop taking medications and supplements that thin the blood. During a consultation, Dr. Giordano or a staff member provides detailed instructions for microneedling preparation.

Microneedling Facial Duration

The procedure takes roughly an hour. It’s a noninvasive procedure.

How long do the results last?

Top medical spas microneedling experts said results with one treatment will be visible, but the results will be even greater after a series of treatments. Some recommend that patients have microneedling performed every 4–6 weeks, depending on the depth of their treatment.

Side effects of Microneedling Facial

Medical spas microneedling side effect sometimes may include:

  • Pigment loss or increase;
  • Skin infection;
  • Some bleeding at the treatment site;
  • Redness; and/or,
  • Inflammation.

Recovery Time

With DermaPen® and SkinStylus®, there is very little recovery. The skin’s appearance immediately after treatments is similar to a mild sunburn. This resolves itself within about 24-48 hours. Patients can resume their normal routines immediately following their appointments.

The results start to become visible within a week and continue to improve as the healing process continues. While one treatment corrects skin imperfections, many patients may opt for three to four treatments about six weeks apart to achieve optimal results (several more for more severe imperfections).

How To Get The Best Results 

Looking to see a dramatic improvement in the health and quality of your skin? One option you might consider is pairing your microneedling treatment with other aesthetic procedures. For example, microneedling pairs exceptionally well with a treatment known as BB Glow facial. Together, these treatments can provide you with skin that looks healthy, radiant, youthful, and blemish-free. CAMI Med Spa is pleased to offer both treatments to patients in the Charlotte and Huntersville areas.

So what is BB Glow, and how does it work? Basically, BB Glow produces a 100 percent safe and natural, semi-permanent foundation. When added to your skin, BB Glow will even out impurities and imperfections, including redness, dark circles, hyperpigmentation, and more. It allows you to have a beautiful glow each and every day, without the need to apply foundation or other makeup.

BB Glow serum can be used to conceal or eliminate a number of common facial imperfections. Some of the primary advantages of BB Glow facial include:

  • It promotes instantly glowing and radiant complexion.
  • It gets rid of redness, dark circles, hyperpigmentation, and related issues.
  • It leaves the skin revitalized and hydrated.
  • It helps to conceal facial wrinkles, creases, and fine lines.
  • It helps get rid of blackheads and minimizes enlarged pores.
  • It reduces the redness caused by rosacea and broken capillaries.

BB Glow is a simple, safe, and non-surgical procedure that we can quickly perform in the office, during the same visit you have your microneedling performed. In fact, microneedling can be a great way to prepare your skin for BB Glow, enhancing your final results. To learn more about pairing these treatments, reach out to our office at any time.

How Much Does Microneedling Cost?

The cost of microneedling using the DermaPen® or SkinStylus® depends on the area to be treated as well as the number of treatments performed to achieve the desired look. During your consultation, we review the cost involved as well as payment and financing options. We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards in addition to offering financing through CareCredit®.

Is It Right for Me?

If you have significant acne scarring or moderate wrinkles and lines that you’d like to diminish or erase, microneedling may be right for you. One of the biggest advantages of the DermaPen® and SkinStylus® is that they can be used on all skin types.

Schedule a Consultation for Microneedling Charlotte NC

We recommend you schedule a consultation with Dr. Giordano to make sure you are a candidate for DermaPen® or SkinStylus®. During this appointment, he evaluates your skin as well as your current overall health and medical history. Once the recommendation is determined, we work with you to schedule the treatments.

At Carolina Age Management Institute, Dr. Giordano offers microneedling using DermaPen® and SkinStylus® to patients from Charlotte, Huntersville and surrounding areas of North Carolina. Contact our office today to schedule your med spa consultation!