Wondering how How Microblading Fills your brows?

Microblading: A new tattoo technique that creates, fills out or reshape eyebrows by creating tiny pigmented lines that mimic individual hair strokes.  Microblading leaves brows looking natural not clown-like.How Microblading Fills and Shapes Your Eyebrows- CAMI

How the procedure works:  after the patient’s face and brow area are cleaned thoroughly the brows are measured and shaped via brow pencil. Shape and fullness are decided with both the technician and client, both!  Pigment color is then discussed and decided.  Pigment is very important.  Again, this is discussed and decided together.  There are many different pigments to choose from as well as warm and cool modifiers.  Not everyone is a flat brown or a jet black.  Pick a pigment that best compliments your skin tone.

After the first pass of hair, strokes is performed a numbing agent is applied.  Here at CAMI we use 25% lidocain, 10% Tetracaine, Lipoderm.  Use a piece of plastic wrap to cover the area.  Wait 30 min.  Using a toner removes numbing agent and pigment.  Continue making your hair-like strokes for 3 more passes.  Each time removing pigment to reveal full brows.  After the whole procedure is done the patient will be given post-care instructions.  These vary patient to patient.

Microblading is not just used just for those wanting the perfect brows.  Chemo patients, Alopecia and Lyme disease are just a few examples of patients that can benefit and feel normal again.  Microblading can also be done over eyebrow scars.  For further information come into Carolina Age Management Institute for a consult.  Brows Are The New Black!!!

Vanessa Nozet