Many people have become aware in recent years that there are many ways to achieve a natural and healthy appearance rolling back the clock of time. Fortunately for all, technology and science have consistently been catching up to our desire to achieve that youthful appearance. At Carolina Age Management Institute (CAMI), we embrace med spa services and minimally invasive technology that can match or exceed current available surgical methods in many instances.Laser Face and Eye Lift


One such technology is the Sciton Erbium Laser Skin Resurfacing Face & Eye Lift done by award winning physician Dr. Stephen Giordano and his team at CAMI.  Combining many other techniques such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Growth Factors, Topical Agents, and other minimally invasive modalities Dr. Giordano was awarded Best Non Surgical Facelift 2017 at the renowned globally attended Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas.  The award was presented by Dr. Andrew Ordon, plastic surgeon and Emmy Award winning talk show host of The Doctors.


Dr. Giordano feels the Laser Face & Eye Lift is one of the most natural ways to improve your skin’s tone and texture, eliminating uneven pigmentation as well as fine lines and wrinkles.

“The amount of skin tightening that is possible with the Sciton laser is unparalleled in my experience as a cosmetic physician.  I have had patient tell me their face feels so tight after the procedure it takes a couple months to open their mouth without feeling tight.  In numerous scenarios, patients can completely avoid have surgery and the risks associated with it” remarks Dr. G.

For those that don’t want any downtime associated with their procedure, Dr. G loves doing a “CAMI Trifecta”.  After pretreating the skin with a series of growth factors, Dr. G and his team do an IPL, Microneedling with RF, and a light Laser Peel in succession. With this combination, you will see hyperpigmentation from sun damage lighten, fine lines and wrinkles lessen or disappear, and skin will tighten much to many’s surprise without any downtime.

“We have mastered the perfect settings to get maximum results with little to no downtime using this combination.  The right pretreatment with growth factors and/or PRP only enhances the results, and substantially minimizes any downtime you might encounter. It’s like providing all the right building blocks for your body to do it’s work”  

It is important to realize that you don’t have to have a “major” procedure done to look fantastic if you can’t afford much downtime. Goals need to be realistic, and achievable.  Many times, we create packages for individuals that are customized to meet their aesthetic goals. Dr. G’s team refers to it as the “Skin Gym”. You can’t just show up once, and get spectacular results.  But, if you stick with us over time and stay disciplined, we will get you to your target. For those that want the quick fix for instant gratification, we offer the Deep Laser Face & Eye Lift and it will take 10 to 15 years off in one week’s time.

We offer a host of procedures ranging from minimally invasive surgery to completely non invasive modalities.  Each person deserves a full and thorough consult to determine what works best for them, and at CAMI each person gets the time necessary to make that decision.

Carolina Age Management is located in the heart of Birkdale Village right above Red Rocks Cafe. Dr. Giordano and his team can be reached at 704-997-6530 for consultation.  Be sure to check out our online reviews on Google, Facebook, and RealSelf. Contact us to  schedule your Charlotte laser skin resurfacing consultation today!