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Kybella® in Charlotte, NC

A double chin is common with people as they age and have excess fat under the chin. In Charlotte and Huntersville, NC, and the surrounding areas, Stephen Giordano, DO, medical director at Carolina Age Management Institute, treats people who have skin and fat under their chins that they would like to diminish or remove for a healthier and younger look.  Kybella can help define the jaw line and elongate the neck, and the results are permanent.


Be sure to ask us about other areas that can be treated with Kybella such as bra roll fat and jowls. 

What is Kybella®?

Kybella® is a prescription injectable that is FDA approved to remove excess fat underneath the chin. As the only approved injectable to treat this issue, Kybella® is injected just below the surface of the skin to break up excess fat and create a longer, leaner neck.

Benefits of Kybella®

As the only FDA-approved prescription injectable to treat a double chin, Kybella® offers the following benefits:

  • Minimally invasive treatment
  • Virtually no discomfort
  • Reveals a slimmer jaw and elongated neckline
  • Offers permanent results
  • No downtime following treatment

What Happens During a Kybella® Injection?

Kybella® in Charlotte, NC

When getting Kybella® injections, the prescription medication is injected just below the surface of the skin into the excess fat. The main ingredient in Kybella®, synthetic deoxycholic acid, is a form of a naturally occurring substance in the body that destroys fat cells. When this happens, the cells no longer store or accumulate fat. With Kybella®, the fat reduction gives the chin and neckline a long and lean look.

Treatments take no more than an hour to complete (including any preparation), with results becoming truly noticeable within three to four weeks following each injection. Patients typically receive two to four injections to achieve their desired look.

Kybella® Procedure Preparation

When preparing for Kybella® treatments, it is important to cease taking any medications or supplements that thin the blood, such as NSAIDs, aspirin, and supplements like Vitamin E or Ginkgo Biloba to decrease potential bruising. Additionally, a freshly cleaned face and neck are necessary.

Kybella® Recovery

There is no downtime or recovery with Kybella®. Most patients simply return to what they normally do during the day. In fact, it is common to turn a lunch hour into a Kybella® treatment. There may be some slight redness at the injection site, but this clears up usually within a day.

How Much Does Kybella® Treatment Cost in Charlotte?

The cost of Kybella® treatments are different for each patient. They are based on the extent of the area to be treated, whether Kybella® treatments are performed in conjunction with another treatment and how many treatments are needed to achieve the desired look. Because Kybella® is considered a cosmetic treatment (not medically necessary) and insurance does not typically provide coverage, we offer financing through CareCredit®.

Is Kybella® Right for Me?

If you have issues with wearing turtlenecks or feel like your neck hangs over your collar and tie, you may want to consider Kybella®. It is FDA approved to treat people with a double chin by breaking up the fat that deposits under the chin and around the neck area.

Kybella® Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Giordano or one of the members of his staff meets with you to discuss your concerns and evaluate your neck area. After talking with you about your current health and medical history, he offers a recommendation of treatment to help you get the look you want using Kybella® or another dermal filler or injectable treatment. If you have any questions, he is more than happy to answer them in detail.

At Carolina Age Management Institute, Dr. Giordano offers Kybella® to patients from Charlotte, Huntersville and surrounding areas of North Carolina. Contact our office today to schedule your Kybella® injection consultation!

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