Hair restoration helps Huntersville, NC residents who are struggling with hair loss. This issue is more frequently thought of of impacting men, but women can suffer from hair loss as well. In fact, about 20 million women deal with hair loss each year. Learn more about hair loss and your hair restoration options, below.

The cause of hair loss

Hair loss can be caused by many things. Genetics for one. Some people may have naturally thinner hair that they lose as they age, just as their father did before them. Female pattern baldness can also be caused by hormone imbalances, thyroid issues, or even a scar on their head. Male pattern baldness is often genetic and caused by sensitivity to androgens (a male hormone). Whatever the cause of your hair loss, hair restoration can help offer a solution.

Options for hair restoration

There are multiple hair restoration options available at Carolina Age Institute Management. They include:

  1. Hair transplants. This process involved taking hair from one area of the scalp and placing it where the hair is significantly sparse or bald. Once the area is healed, new hair will continue to grow in the once sparse of bald area. It is generally seen as a permanent type of hair restoration.
  2. The ARTASÆ System. This is a state-of-the-art technology. It is used to extract hair follicles and plant them into thinning areas of the scalp. It uses robotics and intelligence to precisely perform the follicle excision. This hair restoration treatment is known for providing natural looking results with minimal downtime required.
  3. NeoGraft FUE Hair Transplant. This procedure for hair restoration requires Dr. Giordano to take hair follicles from an area of dense hair. After several hundred follicles are taken, they are removed the device and put into a petri dish with holding solution. The NeoGraft then suctions the follicles so that Dr. Giordano can place the follicles into the exact spot needed using a needle tip on a device using air pressure. This requires no incisions, making it an appealing option for many.
  4. PRP. Platelet-rich plasma is used for hair restoration by boosting collagen production in the impacted areas. This helps stimulate the follicles and promote hair growth. It is often done in smaller areas like the eyebrows.

Hair restoration in Huntersville, NC

Huntersville, NC residents struggling with hair loss have hope. Make an appointment with Dr. Giordano to learn more about your options. He can recommend the best option for you and walk you through how it works. Contact us today to learn more or to set up a consultation.

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