October kicks off a very busy laser season here at Carolina Age Management Institute. The main reason people do not get laser treatments during the summer months is because of…. yep, you guessed it, The Sun! Ultraviolet rays from the sun make it very difficult to laser patients during the summer months.Laser Season- why does it start in the Fall

If you get too much sun exposure prior to a laser treatment such as Intense Pulse Light (IPL), you are at more of a risk of burning and blistering from the treatment. The laser is high tech, but it is not smart enough to know the difference between the brown spots or age spots and the sun kissed, tan skin. In addition, after receiving a laser treatment you should try to avoid direct or prolonged sun exposure for at least 3 weeks. Fresh lasered skin that gets enough sun to tan could end up getting a condition called Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation or PIH. This condition generally resolves on its own, but can take several weeks to months. Given the lack of aesthetic appearance PIH presents, it is generally best to try your best not to get it.

Here at Lake Norman, our summer months are filled with boating, lake days, and outdoor activities making it difficult for our patients to accept that they might have some downtime where they need to be out of the sun. However, if you are disciplined and follow instructions very well you can in fact have a laser treatment in the summer months. Just be sure to listen to your physician or skin care expert, and follow the rules!

We are kicking off our 2019 Laser Season with some amazing specials such as 1 Free syringe of Juvederm or Restylane dermal filler with the purchase of a resurfacing laser treatment. Other specials are amazing this month as well so be sure to check out our Specials page!

Happy Laser Season Everyone!