Brachioplasty (Arm Lift) in Charlotte, NC

Brachioplasty helps with sagging skin and fat in the upper arms. Plastic surgeon Dr. Broc Platt offers arm lift procedures for men and women in Charlotte, Huntersville and surrounding areas in North Carolina.

What is Brachioplasty?

Brachioplasty is a cosmetic surgery that addresses flabby looking upper arms, often called “bat wings.” The problem affects men and women of all ages but is most often identified in older patients. The problem develops when the skin loses elasticity that contributes to its ability to conform to the contours of the upper arm. Pockets of excess fat give the upper arms a bumpy, lumpy appearance.

What are the Benefits of an Arm Lift?

Brachioplasty restores the contours of the upper arms.

How is Brachioplasty Performed?

The incision for an arm lift begins at the elbow and follows a line to the arm pit. Although the scar is extensive, it is hidden when you have your arms down at your side. After a year, the scar is mostly faded, but will never disappear completely.

How Do I Prepare for an Arm Lift?

You should try to improve your upper arms through exercise before having an arm lift. This will reduce as much fat as possible and also provide good muscle structure for after the surgery.

What is Recovery Like After Brachioplasty?

You will not be able to use your arms until Dr. Pratt determines that you have completed the initial healing period. This varies by patient, so we schedule follow-up appointments for him to monitor your progress.

You should arrange to take some time off from work and to have someone stay with you, especially during the first one to two weeks.

How Much Does an Arm Lift Cost in Charlotte, NC?

After your consultation, we discuss the cost of your brachioplasty and explain the details of financing through CareCredit®.

Is Brachioplasty Right for Me?

If you find yourself trying to hide your upper arms or not raising your arms because of the untoned appearance of your upper arms, you may be a good candidate for an arm lift.

Do I Need an Arm Lift Consultation?

Meeting with a qualified surgeon before having an arm lift ensures that you understand the procedure and what to expect after you heal.

At Carolina Age Management Institute, Broc Pratt, MD, offers arm lift procedures for men and women in Charlotte, Huntersville and surrounding areas of North Carolina. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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