Best hair restoration for those losing hair

The best hair restoration options can help Huntersville, NC men, and women who are struggling with thinning hair or premature hair loss. A head full of thick, shiny hair is often seen as a symbol of beauty, health, and youth. So, when people start thinning out or losing their hair, it can cause a variety of issues, especially for women. 

Premature hair loss can leave people feeling self-conscious. It may even impact their mental health as they may be reluctant to go out where people can see their thinning hair. But, there are options out there that can help. 

Three popular options

Three of the most popular and best hair restoration options offered at Carolina Age Management Institute (CAMI) include: 

  1. Topicals and prescription medication. These noninvasive options contain different ingredients to help stimulate hair growth or regrowth. Users will need to follow specific instructions on how much and how often to apply them. Keep in mind, it will likely take time to see an improvement or to see if this hair restoration option is not working for you. 
  2. LED light therapy. This technology works to improve circulation in the scalp and stimulate hair growth or regrowth. Oftentimes, light therapy can be used to simply improve scalp health as well.
  3. Hair transplant. A hair transplant can also help with hair restoration. This involves taking hair follicles from elsewhere and moving them into the areas with sparse or no hair. 

How to choose the best hair restoration option

Thankfully, deciding which option is the procedure for you can be easier than you think. The team at CAMI, led by Dr.  Stephen Giordano will help you. They will determine the root cause of your hair loss and present to you the very best hair restoration options for you.

For example, is it a side effect of the medication you’re taking? Or, is it perhaps genetic? This will help determine the next step as hair restoration treatments won’t be effective if it is caused by other medications you are on. 

You will then be walked through the options they think will work best and what you can expect from it. This is the time to ask any questions you have, including the cost and maintenance for newly thickened hair down the road. 

Best hair restoration in Huntersville, NC

Huntersville, NC residents don’t have to deal with hair loss on their own. The team at CAMI can help. Hair restoration options are available to help regrow and restore hair. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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