Acne Troubleshooting and don’t know where to turn?

If you are Acne Troubleshooting- with acne breakouts and issues with your skin, it’s important to consult a professional. Acne breakouts are triggered when pores get clogged by debris such as dead skin cells, excess sebum, makeup, and pollution. Once clogged, inflammation and bacterial overgrowth occur leading to whiteheads and sometimes painful cystic acne. Sweat glands in your skin can also cause excessive sebum production clogging your pores and escalating inflammation. Hormones are also a catalyst no matter what your age. Acne can cause physical and emotional scarring if left untreated.acne troubleshooting in Huntersville NC

Hormones, diet, hygiene and genetics are all factors that affect whether you have acne or not. However, it has recently been discovered bacteria plays a vital role. Genetic variations between the bacterial strains that exist in your pores make the difference between flawless skin and embarrassing blemishes. Forever Clear Broad Band Light (BBL™) is proven to effectively treat acne. Sciton BBL™ is an FDA approved laser acne treatment that uses a blue filter to target the P. acnes bacteria that are partly to blame for acne.

What options do I have besides oral medications? Broad Based Light (BBL™) has now proven to be helpful in the treatment of acne. In many cases, this offers an alternative to oral medications such as Accutane or long-term antibiotics. The shorter wavelengths of BBL™, in the blue-light spectrum, attack P. acnes. Microdermabrasion and chemical peels also offer alternative ways to remove persistent and stubborn acne.

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How does the BBL™ treatment work? Sciton BBL™ is a FDA approved treatment that utilizes a blue filter to selectively target the P. acnes bacteria that are partially responsible for acne in the skin. A 2nd pass with a red filter helps to reduce redness and deeper acne lesions. A third filter is used to minimize sebaceous gland activity associated with oil production.

What is the treatment like? A thin film of gel is applied to your skin, followed by the BBL treatment. Most patients have minimal discomfort. Treatment sessions last 20-30 minutes.

What should I expect after treatment? After treatment is completed, some may experience temporary reddening and minimal swelling of the acne, and surrounding skin for 1-2 days. This is transient and usually associated with minimal to no downtime. Makeup can be applied immediately, if desired.

How many treatments will I need? To achieve maximum improvement with BBL™, a series of 4 treatments every 2 weeks is most effective. Most patients will need periodic touch up treatments ranging from monthly to every 6 months, depending on your acne type and severity.

At Home Tips: *Change pillowcase nightly. *Invest in a Clarisonic. *PCA Skin has a very affordable line for acne. My personal favorites for acneic patients: PCA Blemish Bar, and PCA Acne Kit. Acne Scars? That’s next month’s topic!! When acne troubleshooting- give CAMI a call at 704-997-6530.