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About Hair Loss in Charlotte, NC

At the Carolina Age Management Institute, Dr. Stephen Giordano works to provide people living in and around Charlotte and Huntersville, NC, with information about hair loss and what can be done to slow or halt the process.

While hair loss affects people of all ages, it is most common with adult men and women. It often carries a low self-image and a perceived negative appearance, especially with women. Luckily, medical advances have made it possible to restore hair at various stages of hair loss with treatments and procedures that vary in terms of their intensity and invasiveness. With these procedures, many people can regrow hair and restore their self-confidence.

Causes of Hair Loss

About Hair Loss in Charlotte, NC

Everyone loses hair every day – anywhere between 50 and 100 hairs each day. Most people are fortunate enough to have new hair growing in at the same time hair is falling out; however, there are some who experience excessive hair loss and hair loss that is not replaced by hair regrowth.

Permanent hair loss may be due to several factors including hormone imbalances, heredity, illnesses, stress and even the environment. For those who experience this type of hair loss, there are solutions to stopping the loss and even promoting regrowth.

Hair Loss Treatments

Depending on the cause, there are various hair loss treatments to treat permanent or temporary hair loss. Hair restoration treatments range from topical solutions to laser therapies. The key is knowing which treatment best achieves the results for each patient. We treat male pattern baldness and hair loss in women.

How Much Do Hair Restoration Treatments Cost in Charlotte, NC?

The cost of hair restoration treatments varies depending on the treatment chosen, the extent of the hair loss and the number of treatments needed. During a consultation with Dr. Giordano, he discusses the cost as well as payment options including financing through CareCredit®.

Hair Loss Consultation

Prior to receiving any hair restoration treatments, Dr. Giordano meets with each patient to talk about hair loss. This appointment involves reviewing your medical history as well as other family members with hair loss issues, your overall medical health, and the best treatment options.

If you live in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC, and the surrounding communities and want to know more about hair loss and how to treat it, Dr. Stephen Giordano treats hair loss with hair restoration at Carolina Age Management Institute. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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